kennedy dells county park

Best birding is in early spring. The Park is heavily used during the summer.

The property was once owned by the famous movie producer and Hollywood legend Adolph Zukor. The Park acquired 80 acres in 1969 with an additional purchase of 97 acres in 1975.  This is a well developed County Park with flat rolling topography. Amenities include a hiking trail, fitness trail, horse corral, nature studies, soccer, baseball, cross country skiing, picnic tables, pavilion, and farming demonstrations. Restrooms and handicapped facilities are available. A small portion of the Park is farmed by George Smith and Sons, Inc. for sweet corn. Crum Creek bounds the Park on the west side. The remains of the bridge across Crum Creek to the teahouse still exist. The hiking trail winds through the hemlock gorge and overlooks much of the creek. 

A memorial butterfly garden, dedicated to past Rockland Audubon Society president, Irene Bein, was opened in 2000.

The extreme westerly portion of the park is heavily wooded, consisting of: hemlock, white pine, beech, maple, black oak, red oak, white ash and black locust. A detailed description of the flora can be obtained from the Torrey Botanical Society.

Birds include: red-tailed hawk, barred owl, screech owl, pileated woodpecker, crow, thrush, warblers, vireo, pigeon, doves, Canada goose, woodcock, mallard.