tallman mountain state park

Spring for warblers and wildflowers.

Tallman Mountain State Park comprises wooded country on the easterly slope of the Palisades uplands overlooking the Hudson and Piermont Marsh.  The park operates year round as a day-use area, offering a swimming pool, running track, tennis courts, picnic areas and hiking.

In the early 1920's much of the park was owned by the Standard Oil Company, who planned to use 540 acres to make an oil tank "farm." Numerous earthen berms and oil-seepage ditches were constructed. When the PIPC purchase this section of the park in 1942, the seepage basins and ditches were reverted to woodland ponds.  Another 164 acres of the park was  acquired in 1928 from Standard Trap Rock Company of Sparkill with money donated by Commissioners Rockefeller, Perkins, and Harriman.