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Christmas Bird Count

Rockland Audubon Society (RAS) has conducted an annual Christmas Bird Count since 1947. Our survey region, a 15-mile diameter circle, is centered near the New City courthouse. Although in the past the number and placement of survey regions has varied, the current survey design has remained constant since 1978. The region consists of the following 9 sections: (1) Haverstraw-Stony Point, (2) Ramapo, (3) South Ramapo, (4) North and West Clarkstown, (5) Central Clarkstown, (6) South Clarkstown, (7) West Orangetown, (8) East Clarkstown, and (9) East Orangetown.

Generally, about 30 to 40 participants, organized into nine teams, observe from dawn to dusk. In its first count in 1947, RAS tallied 47 species. Over the years the number of species for all of Rockland's counts has passed 150. Our data is sent to National Audubon, where it is added to results of other Christmas Counts from North and Central America. 

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